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Weather Cancellation & Postponements for Recreation and Community Ed programs/classes/sports leagues/etc.

Inclement Weather Guidelines

There are several principles that guide our decision-making with regard to school closings. First and foremost, however, is the safety of our students and staff.

On days when inclement weather occurs, we try our best to make the call by 5:30 a.m. to provide as much time as possible for families to be notified so that arrangements may be made for childcare, etc. Once the decision is made to cancel school we inform parents via the Detroit media, email, Skylert, our website and Facebook page. Decisions regarding school closings due to snow and ice are made after HVS transportation staff make a recommendation regarding the ability of our buses and drivers to safely conduct their routes. It is possible that main roads will be drivable while our many miles of unpaved roads are not. We will close school if the air temperature with wind chill is expected to be at or below -25 degrees Fahrenheit while students are waiting for the bus or walking to school. As always, we encourage our students to dress in layers to protect themselves from the cold.

Huron Valley Recreation and Community Education Programs:

This includes sports practices and games, enrichment classes, Empower Hour classes, etc.

Recreation and Community Education programs will always follow the same schedule as the schools. If Huron Valley Schools are closed, Recreation and Community Education programs will be canceled and patrons will be notified.  Check our Facebook page for the most up to date information regarding closings.

Registration: I had an account in the old Community Education registration system. Do I need to create a new one?

Yes, we have moved to a brand new system for Fall 2019. If this is your first time to our new system, you will need to create a new username and password.

Registration: What forms of payment do you accept for online registration?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. You may also pay by ACH (electronic checking or savings withdrawal). 

Registration: How do I request a refund for a class I am already registered for?

Refunds related to COVID-19: Due to the large scale cancellations happening due to the COVID-19 virus, there will be a processing fee to cover the costs we incur from the credit card companies and the registration system for each transaction. We have the ability to put the balance as a credit on account for our customers and will be offering that as the first option and no fee will be charged for a credit on account. This credit on account may be used for any future registration and will be automatically deducted at the time of checkout.

A full refund will be granted for all programs canceled by HV Rec and Community Ed. If a class is adjusted as to time, date or location by the Department and you cannot attend, a full refund will be issued. 

Enrollee-requested refunds requested before the first class will be assessed a $10 service fee, unless otherwise noted. A refund requested after the first class and before the second class will be pro-rated and assessed a $10 service fee.

Refunds WILL NOT be allowed after the SECOND class has been held, regardless of attendance. Refunds are not issued for 1 and 2 day classes.

Substitution of participants is NOT allowed. Many Sports Leagues have different refund procedures. Please contact the league manager to inquire about sport league refunds, or refer to the printed policy at time of Registration.

Registration: What is the non-sufficient funds (NSF) policy?

There will be a $25 fee for all checks returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds.  

Registration: What discounts are available for Senior Citizens?

Residents of the Huron Valley School District who are 60 years and over may enroll in selected Recreation and Community Education classes for 50% off the listed tuition cost (10% off computer classes). If discount is allowed, it will be deducted at checkout.

Reduced rates do not apply to materials or books.

Registration: I am having trouble creating my online account/registering online for a class, what do I do?

Please contact us at 248-676-8390 or and we will get back to you ASAP.  

Weather Cancellation and Postponements for HV Pools and Fitness Centers

Huron Valley Pools and Fitness Facilities (including land & water fitness classes)

If schools are closed after 4 a.m., Pools and Fitness facilities will be open and fitness classes will take place as scheduled. 

If school is canceled prior to 4 a.m. due to inclement weather, Pools and Fitness facilities will be closed as well. 

This also means fitness classes are canceled. 

If school is closed due to temperatures, Pools and Fitness will remain open as usual and classes will take place as scheduled. 

On days that our Pools and Fitness facilities are closed, it is often the case that driving conditions improve by mid-day. If that is the case, facilities will open at 3 p.m. and fitness classes will continue as scheduled. An update regarding the status of the facilities will be posted to the school district's Facebook page, as well as the Pools & Fitness Facebook page.

Registration: Do you offer financial assistance to families who qualify for the free and reduced lunch?

Free/Reduced Lunch Assistance Program


-You must live within the Huron Valley School District boundaries, or have a child attending a Huron Valley School.

-If your family has been approved for FREE status with the Free & Reduced Lunch Guidelines, we will offer the class for $15 OR for 50% of the Course Fee, whichever is greater. Discounts are not valid on all of our programs, our staff can assist you in this process.  Proof that your family qualifies for the Free & Reduced Lunch plan will need to be provided at the time of registration.

-If your family has been approved for REDUCED status with the Free & Reduced Lunch Guidelines, we will offer the class for $15 OR for 75% of the Course Fee, whichever is greater. Discounts are not valid on all of our programs, our staff can assist you in this process.

-The Financial Assistance Application and all other private data will be kept strictly confidential and is good for 1 full school year. You must reapply each year you are requesting the discount.


Form must be submitted to our Registration Office at least two weeks prior to program/class start date. Please use a separate application form for each registration form submitted. A link to the form is below or you may also pick them up at the Registration Office.  You must also provide proof of free/reduced lunch status with the District. You can receive this document from the Food Service Dept.

Financial Assistance Application

Registration: I forgot my password, how can I get logged in?

If you are unable to remember your password, you will receive an option "Forgot Password" after one unsuccessful login.  Please refrain from creating a new account when you forget your password, follow these instructions and the system will help you get back in and working again.

Registration: What if I don't want to sign up online, is there another option?

If you prefer not to register online, you have the following options:

1.  Complete the PAPER REGISTRATION FORM and return to the Rec Office at 2360 S. Milford Rd, Highland.  You may mail it in (if time permits) or you may bring it by our office.  If our office is closed when you come by, you may drop it in the drop box to the right of our office door.

2.  Call us at 248-676-8390 and we can help get you registered over the phone, if necessary.

Registration: Are payment plans an option?

Payment plans may be available depending on the program.  Please call us at 248-676-8390 and we can discuss your specific situation with you and come up with solutions.  You may also email us at